"Déjà Vu delikatesser" has made a signature menu for your stay at The Bolder. We highly recommend pre-ordering some food to elevate your stay with us. Press the button below to send an email directly to jà Vu with your preferred food order. 

Continental breakfast

Including scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, selection of cold cuts from Idsøe, bread, croissant and organic butter (250,- pp)


Including Livèche chicken breast, cured meats, cheeses, bread and French potato salad (280,- pp)

Tapas jà Vu

Exclusive tapas (550,- pp)

Tapas KITA

Tapas with Japanese flavours (650,- pp)

Full Stay Package

Breakfast + Picnic + Tapas (980,- pp +100,- pp for KITA tapas) 


Please pick up your order prior to departure: 

Verksgata 2, 4013 Stavanger, 51 89 63 63